A voyage of discovery to your potential

The Explorer Training is a voyage of discovery to your potential. You will follow an individual learning programme which is applied in group context. This will help you to get a different perspective through understanding your own ambitions, life principles, personal motives and vision on professional and personal life. This enables you to see new possibilities which you will deal with in an effective and creative way.

Competencies you develop


For whom

A unique voyage of discovery to your potential

The Explorer Training is for everyone who wants to get more out of life. The training is highly suitable when you:

  • Want to improve your personal effectiveness in a short period of time.
  • Want to break through your self-imposed limitations and suppositions.
  • Want to be more successful in your actions.
  • Want to deal more effectively with changes and stress.
  • Want to be more open to new opportunities, knowledge and experiences.
  • Want to realize more depth in your life and in your relationships.
  • Are trying to find ‘yourself’ and ask yourself: ‘What is it I really want?’

Want to have a more fulfilling personal and professional life with less effort and energy loss? Want to experience, discover and develop this force in yourself? Then drop by, no-strings-attached, to listen and experience during our Explorer Training Information Evening. We like to show you that you too can be assured of a large and lasting increase of your personal effectiveness through The Explorer Training.

Explorer training information evening

We invite you to come listen and experience during the information evening of the Explorer training on Monday September 18, in Epe.
Sign up for the Information evening at info@corinor.nl.